2018 Spring Show Winners

Best of Show - Kitty Lankford " "Hat Trick" 

Under Glass

First Place - Ria Russo "Red and Ricely Yours - Louis Armstrong"

Second Place - Skip Morlier "A Walk in the Swamp"

Third Place - Shirley Doiron "Treme Jam Session"

Honorable Mentions:

     Libby McMeekin "Berry Boo"

     Georgie Dussouy "Toast and Coffee"

     Stanley Goldberg "Umbrella Man"


Not Under Glass

First Place - Bob Viosca "View From My Pillow"

Second Place - Paul Kronlage "Honey Island Twilight"

Third Place - Joan Dupuy "Hibiscus"

Honorable Mentions:

     Len Heatherly "Eternal-La Fontaine and Live Oaks"

     Libby McMeekin "Floral Passion"

     Emily Keller "Enter Sections"



First Place - John Paul Duet "Want to See My Surprise Face"

Second Place - Andree Maduell "Elements of Autumn"

Third Place - Joan Holub "Traditional Panama Dancer"

Honorable Mentions:

     John Paul Duet "Ibis Halo""

     John Paul Duet "Shy Pelican"


Three Dimensional

First Place - Mary Puderer "Buggin Out"

Second Place - Tommy Lewis "Box Elder Vase"

Third Place - Julie Nelson "Tortoise on Driftwood"

Honorable Mentions:

     Mary Puderer "Traveling Solo"

     Kitty Lankford "Fresh Off the Boat"

Judging by Tanya Dischler.

Lacombe Art Guild