Lacombe Art Guild

John Paul Duet  "Four for Lake Road"

Darlene Melancon  "Serenity"

Joan Dupuy "Blooming Marshland"

Skip Molier  "John Wayne"

Doris Bogataj  "For Tatyana"

Ria Russo "A Spoonful"

Georgie Dussouy  "Window Dressing"

Robert Viosca  "Old Fashioned"

Marie E Nowlin  "Water Lilies"

Ria Russo "A Spoonful"

Stan Goldberg  "Umbrella Man"

Paintings are brought to regular meetings quarterly by our members to be voted on by the membership for the next quarterly hanging at Lakeview Regional Medical Center.  The beautiful paintings below are currently hanging at the hospital.

At the October 16, 2018 meeting, new paintings will be voted on to replace these at the hospital for the next quarter.

Len Heatherly  "Clear Day Coming"

‚Äč‚ÄčArtists of the Quarter