Lacombe Art Guild

Lacombe Art Guild 2017 Calendar 

May 6, 2017:  Mandeville Trailhead

​Be at the Trailhead for 7:30am to help set up panels, tents and your artwork. If you have browse boxes bring a table. Each Artist is responsible for the setup, hanging and selling of their artwork. Remember when pricing there will be a 20% commission to LAG.
Trailhead is open from 9am to 1pm, Rain or Shine!!
Reminder: Send images of artwork to John Paul – NOW! due to advertising deadlines!

 May 11, 2017:  Reception at the Lakeview Regional Medical Hospital

​The Reception is from 5pm to 7pm. Bring easels to display artwork in the reception Conference Room: The Pelican Room. Bring art at 4pm to set up. Also need finger food and drinks/wine.

 May 16, 2017:  LAG Meeting

 June 20, 2017:  LAG meeting

Demonstration on tonal values.

July 3rd -  31st :  Exhibiting in Mandeville City Hall.

​More info will be available at the May or June meeting.

 June 11, 2017: The LAG Summer Social:

​Herb and Libby McMeekin will hosting the pool/picnic party. Please if you can arrive at 12 noon to help set up. Time is 1:00pm till dusk. Hot dogs and buns will be provided. The members need to bring a pot luck dish/desert/ etc  to share. Each member is also responsible for their own igloo with their libation of choice. We will also have the 50/50 fund raiser! 

July 18, 2017: LAG meeting

August 15, 2017: LAG meeting

​Discussion concerning the Lacombe Art Guild Fall Exhibit September 9th, Covington Art Walk.

September: Lacombe Art Guild Fall Exhibit September 9th, Covington Art Walk.

October 17, 2017: LAG Meeting

November 14,2017: LAG meeting / Thanksgiving Dinner at the VFW Hall
6:30 PM Bring a covered dish

December 2, 2017: LAG Christmas Party

Details to be announced.