Lacombe Art Guild

Please print the below form and mail to:

Lacombe Art Guild

P.O. Box 1033   Lacombe, LA 70445 


Turn in at a monthly meeting

Membership Form

Please Print
First Name: ________________________________ Last Name:__________________________ Date: ___/___/___

 Mailing Address:___ _____________________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________________ State: ________ Zip: _________________

 Primary Telephone: (________) _____________________ Cell Phone: (________) ________________________

Email: _________________________________________ Personal Website: _____________________________

Would you teach a LAG class/workshop?   (Circle One) Yes No     Would you conduct a demonstration at a LAG?(Circle One) Yes No

Topic: ________________________________________    Topic: __________________________________________
Note:Workshop fees not to exceed $35/members     Note: Demonstrations are offered free-of-charge
  $45/non-members. LAG determines location.                                                  at a monthly meeting. Show fees waived for one calendar year.

Note: Pay annual dues by January 31st in order to receive ALL membership benefits.  Membership year ends December 31st for all members.

 Individual Membership $30                                                        Two Adults at same address $50

                                                                                                  List name of other adult and attach his/her completed membership form.

_____ PATRON $100/yr. _____ CORPORATE EVENT SPONSOR $250/per event

 _____GOLD PATRON $250/yr. _____ GOLD CORPORATE EVENT SPONSOR $500/per event

 Are you a ______ New Member or ______ Returning Member

Art thrives when we work together. LAG is a volunteer art organization, with excellent opportunies for volunteers to help support the work of our organization. Please let us know how you might be able to help by responding below:


____ Membership ____ Publicity _____ Hospitality _____ Artist _____ Spring Show _____ Fall Show
        Committee       Committee           Committee  of the Month           Committee              Committee


 Dues Paid ___/___/___ Check No.: _________ Amt.: ____________ Cash: _____________

 Received by: ___________________________________________________________________